235 W. 12th St nr Greenwich Ave, West Village

  Little Deuce Coupe (and a book everyone should read) at Wallflower

Little Deuce Coupe (and a book everyone should read) at Wallflower

The Place: A super cute n’ tiny French restaurant with a strong cocktail list that I discovered many moons ago. I can’t remember how.

The Time: Thursday May 26, 7pm. After a busy day filled with v. important things because I’m a v. important woman, I was meeting a friend for dinner and drinks after he got off work at his job where he has to wear a suit (don’t worry, he’s cool). I stopped in to Wallflower a bit early to decompress after running around the city on this hot, feels-like-summer day.

The Vibe: No false advertising here–Wallflower is indeed a sweet little French place. The bar area is certainly tiny, with four bar stools in front of the marble bar top, and a few that wrap around the side. Everyone who works here wears a different colored button down. There are a lot of people working and I don’t know what they all do. Maybe they all do everything? That’d be cool. There’s fun funky music playing that goes against “type” for this kind of place, and it works. Clearly Wallflower is a hot date spot because besides me, it’s nothing but heterosexual couples walking through the door (and one fabulous older gay couple dressed impeccably). Most have reservations, so I’m almost entirely alone at the bar except for the couple next to me. When asked if they want to see a dessert menu, they ask to take a shot with the bartender. He’s into it. But these cats want something “that goes straight to the head.” Ok, 7pm. Then the couple behind me keeps arguing about what they’re going to order. The man spends a good deal of time explaining to the server what his date would like. “She likes refreshing, not too sweet, maybe with lime.” She echoes, “yeah lime.” He says, “like with tequila.” She says to the server, “I like gin.” He says to her, “you want rum?” DUDE. LET THE WOMAN SPEAK FOR HERSELF.

The Bartender: Super nice guy named James who rocks this one-man bar. In response to the couple asking for something that goes straight to the head, he tells them it’s a little early for him to take one, but he pours them each a shot of coffee-infused cynar. Love this guy’s style.

The Drank: Little Deuce Coupe: Citadelle gin, cocchi rosa, watermelon, lime, chili bitters. It’s yummy, yet it could use a touch more spice and sweetness. But I feel great sipping this cold pink cocktail on a hot day. They have a very nice cocktail menu, but the names are a bit on the nose for my taste. Like, the Cornelia has corn in it? And the Blue Note has blueberries in it? And, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to drink something called Mother’s Milk, tbh. But they all sound good, so I’m probably just being an asshole.

Was I Hit On? No. They’re all on dates already.

Should You Drink Here Alone? Yeah. Wallflower is a lovely corner of the West Village to hang by yourself and drink a good cocktail. But it’s also apparently a hot spot to take a hot date, so next time you dare to ask that Tinder match to meet in person, suggest Wallflower. Everyone else did.