Evil Eye: San Francisco

2937 Mission St btw 25th and 26th St, San Francisco CA

evil eye - drink.jpg

The Place: A dope, fun cocktail bar in the heart of the Mission.

The Time: Thursday June 22, 7:30pm. I’m visiting a friend in San Francisco for five days, and while he’s in rehearsals for a musical, I’ve got some alone time. So what better to do than take A Girl’s Guide to Drinking Alone on the road!?!? My friend recommended Evil Eye, selling it to me as “San Fran’s version of Huckleberry,” one of my favorite spots in Brooklyn. I trust him, I love Huckleberry, let’s do this.

The Vibe: It’s big and cozy at the same time, always a tricky balance. It’s poppin’ but doesn't feel hectic, probably because it’s so big. There’s a large back area with a pool table and lots of seating. Mirrors, couches, kooky lamps. The bartender gives me a big wave when I enter, as if he knows me, but he doesn’t because I do not live here. The bar stools are like mini swivel chairs, and once I spread out my stuff, I truly feel as if this bar is my office. One drawback is the high bartop that I’m not a fan of because I am small slash slightly above average height for a woman in America. My friend was right - it's like a Brooklyn cocktail bar but it moves at a California pace. I’m a neurotic New Yorker who was once a bartender so I spy dirty glasses I’d clean, garnish cutting boards I’d hide, and a slower speed that drives me crazy. But hey. I’m in Cali. I gotta chillax man.

The Bartender: A very friendly guy named Carlos who’s doing double duty by working the floor as well, so he catches me off guard when he takes my order while passing by my side of the bar.

The Drank: They have a fun adventurous menu but I go with a classic Gin Bramble - gin, lemon, amaro, blackberry. It’s refreshing and fruity, but very gin forward, so three sips in I already begin to feel it. I also get the cauliflower in an attempt to be healthy, but it is fried and covered in cheese, which I justify to myself with: “it’s ok, I’m on vacation!”

Was I Hit On? The demographic in here skews male, but it’s pride weekend in San Francisco so duh. Lots of dudes on dates, groups of friends playing pool. I clock one heterosexual couple meeting on what I think is a third date. She knows the bartender and he’s impressed by this. I’ve pulled this trick before too, girl; it’s a good one. In one hour and one drink, my brain has gone dead from the jet lag-gin combo, but I do end up chatting with one guy who’s a 3D animator. It’s always great to meet other friendly creative types in this world, especially when they think the dumb ideas for animated short films spilling out of your tired head are funny.

Should You Drink Here Alone? One hundred percent. I had a ball at Evil Eye on my first night in San Francisco. I'd definitely come back, and you should go if you happen to find yourself in the Bay Area.