Precious Metal

143 Troutman St and Central Ave, Bushwick

Rosa Gold at Precious Metal.

Rosa Gold at Precious Metal.

The Place: A cool hip bar (as the kids say these days) run by the same folks behind one of my favorite spots, Pine Box Rock Shop.

The Time: Thursday October 12, 9:30pm. I’m meeting an improv friend in the neighborhood later (you know how these improv people are, they do everything after dark, just like witches). Since I love Pine Box so much, I figure it's high-time I check out their sister joint, which also has a name suited more for a funky antique shop than a bar but hey, no judgements here.

The Vibe: After waiting for the bouncer to check my ID while he's FaceTiming with his friend, I make my way through the big space to the end of the bar. I don’t understand when places have no hooks underneath the bar. It’s like, just add some fucking hooks, it makes everyone’s life easier. There are a decent number of people here, but it doesn't feel too crowded, hard to find on a Thursday night. The walls are white brick, there are two large TVs but they’re high up so I barely notice them, there's a food stand you can order from directly. Once I settle in, I realize there’s no music playing, which strikes me as odd. Until it becomes clear that I’ve walked right into the middle of trivia night, and everyone in this bar is playing. In addition to the serious trivia questions, the bonus rounds are naming the TV show from its fictional hangout, and the winners get free shots. Sweet deal. There’s a little stage in the back for open mics or music or something. I mean, if they have trivia, they must have open mics, isn’t that how it works?

The Bartender: A cool chick named Chantelle with short bleached hair, a plaid shirt and glasses. I’m pretty sure she came up with the TV show hangout questions herself. The guy who’s running the trivia DEFINITELY came up with the other questions, because he looks goddamned pleased with himself after each question he asks.

The Drank: The Rosa Gold, a cocktail with tequila, lime, jalapeño and blackberry syrup. It’s good and refreshing, but definitely not right for this fall-feeling day. Their cocktail list is small: half seasonal cocktails and half house specialties. But a la Pine Box, they have plenty of beer on tap too, don't worry.

Was I Hit On? No. Guys, did you know that people do trivia nights in TEAMS!? I was thinking I could just jump in, but I don’t have a TEAM and I have never felt more single.

Should You Drink Here Alone? Sure. I had a really nice time, but I definitely felt like I was at a party I wasn’t invited to. Next time I go to Precious Metal, I’m bringing a bunch of trivia-nerd friends and we’ll be the team to raucously call out “GILMORE GIRLS!!!” when Chantelle says "Luke's Diner."